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Israel Casino

Now days, casinos are becoming more and more popular in the state of Israel.

Since the early nineties (1991) there is a big argument about the legalization of Casinos in Israel, between the people that willing to allow that legalization, and might be well benefit from building these casinos is Israel, and the people who's against casinos in Israel, and against gambling generally – who wanted to keep gambling and casinos out of the Israeli law.

Today the Israeli law does not allows to gamble or to build a casino in the state.

In the middle of the nineties, the Palestain Authority has built a ground base casino in Jericho, which attracted many Israelis to come and gamble – some of them even arranged tour buses to come together with 30 friends and to gamble all weekend long.

The Palestinian Casino was making a lot of money, but it's work was stopped in the late nineties when the “Intifada” of El-Aktza has started.

The Israelis, who was the main gamblers of the casino in Jericho, stopped arriving because of the fear to get killed on the way to a good poker game, or a round of Black Jack.

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Penghu County officials are currently soliciting funds from the private sector to fund the construction of the casinos. They are hopeful that the casinos will bring more income to the area.

Both formal and informal studies have found that online gaming reduces stress levels.